​Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life?  Are you passionate about music and education?

Do you enjoy working with people of all ages?  If you say “YES!” to the above questions, we may have the right position for you:​



We hire a diverse range of knowledgeable musicians, band professionals, teachers, and professionals whose musical backgrounds include music graduates, non-music graduates, teachers with a national or international music degree and band performers with exceptional talent. Our teachers  are professional musicians who are inspired to teach lessons. They are knowlegeable and passionate about music and some perform in professional music bands (local and national), church ensembles, orchestras and symphonies, chamber ensembles and/or chorales throughout Tampa metropolitan area.

Teachers love to teach at our school for the many advantages we offer them:

choice of schedules, staff support, organization, music technology lab, recitals,

pay above average, direct pay, holiday off, amount of students, growth opportunity,

team culture, meeting and collaborating with other musicians and expanding their

music teaching experience and knowledge, between others.


We provide students and we pay for recitals and various advertisement’s and marketing. Our

teachers appreciate not having to drive around to the student’s home, spending extra gas and time

not getting paid. They appreciate having a professional studio that supports their passion for teaching

music while earning an income they can depend on.


We are GROWING!  The following positions are CURRENTLY available for FALL 2015:

MUSIC TEACHER POSITIONS OPEN FOR SPRING 2016 (music knowledge required):
​* Music Teachers:  (1) Piano and (1) Guitar for SPRING 2016.