Private music lessons are great for any student to start no matter their level of knowledge and skill ability. Private music lessons allow the student to build their musicianship skills at their own pace. Private music lessons are one-to-one guided instruction with a professional teacher who is an expert with that instrument.

Instructors will recommend and provide the materials and will construct the lesson to each individual student’s goals and learning styles. Private lessons are weekly and are offered in increments of 30, 45, and 60 minutes. All students enrolled in private lessons will need an instrument to practice on at home. Please explore below for more information on what we offer for each instrument!






Private Lessons (Ages 4-Up):

  • Month-to-month with the first 2 months minimum enrollment

  • Lessons for children ages 4 to adults;

  • Play your favorite songs. Bring your list to your teacher;

  • Lessons are customized to each student, so you can start at anytime

  • We take the time to match a student with the best teacher for them.

  • We offer flexibility of schedules

  • Convenience: schedule different instruments for the whole family; back to back.

 MORE BENEFITS: As Kids evolve in age, so does their taste in music and their choice of instruments. Our school makes it easier to switch instruments at anytime!

BONUS: No extra fees to swtich instruments or schedules!



1 private lesson (45 min) = $100.00/month

* All Private Lessons are 2 Months Minimum Enrollment!