We host formal recitals twice a year so that students have an opportunity to perform for their family, friends, and community.

Our recitals are hosted at:


249 E. Main Street, Rock Hill, SC

Community Performance Center front

Advantages of participating in recitals (fun concerts):

For The Students:

* Can choose to perform any piece/song of their choice
* Do not have to memorize a piece
* Do not have to perform advanced pieces, it is about the act of performing
* Can perform with their teachers if needed: duets, accompaniment, etc.
* Get motivated by hearing and seeing their peers perform
* It raises self-esteem and teaches performance

For the Parents:

* Get a chance to watch your child perform alongside their peers
* See your child’s motivation grow
* Watch your child work toward goals for their recital
* Notice growth in your child’s discipline, encouragement, and self-esteem

For Everyone:

* Enjoy stress-free, well organized, timely shows
* It provides lasting family memories!