Our students get the wonderful additional benefit of performing at many events throughout the year. We believe giving students opportunities to perform will help to enhance their love music and also encourages students to in  building skills towards being well prepared for their music performances. Additionally, allowing our students to be graded by a judge allows parents to receive descriptive feedback from a qualified trained musician to detail their child’s progress with music lessons.



National Piano Teachers Guild (NPTG)

The Guild Auditions are sponsored by the American College of Musicians. It offers young pianists the opportunity to have a private evaluation by a qualified Guild judge. There is something offered by the Guild for every student at every level. Approximately 300 local students participate each year.

South Carolina Music Teacher Association (SCMTA) –

The South Carolina Music Teacher Association piano contest festival, is organized for intermediate thru advanced levels of study in piano. This event requires three memorized pieces from the SCMTA list: one each from 18th, 19th, and 20th-21st centuries.  Those students who win a ‘Superior’ rating at the District level (except Junior A) continue to the State level. Those who achieve ‘Superior’ at the State level are eligible to perform at the Fall SCMTA Convention.


National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC)

National Federation of Music Clubs is held annually in February of each year. Students prepare one required piece of music from memory and once choice piece of music from memory for two judges and receive a rating. Most of our students receive the highest ratings of Superior and Excellence each year! Opportunities for grading are available for young beginners all the way up to advanced senior high school students. All instruments from piano, voice, violin, guitar and percussion are all welcome to partake in this event. Students also have an opportunity to earn scholarships once they enter into the Moderately Difficult Level 1 of music playing.